MOOV Digital Marketing Sydney – What We Do

As consumers we expect immediate gratification through our digital devices from desktop to smartphone. As business owners we all have to rise to this challenge.

MOOV Digital Marketing Sydney helps businesses to deliver, across multiple channels. It’s easy to get distracted with so many options. We help by keeping you focused on four, high scoring fundamentals.

Digital Marketing Sydney - WordPress

#1. WordPress Development

Whether you need a personal blog or business website that excels on every level, straight out of the box, WordPress is it.

WordPress Development focused on security and search engine visibility will drive your success online. Step one in any successful Digital Marketing Strategy must be to ensure you are working from a strong foundation, and that should be a WordPress website.

Digital Marketing Sydney - Ghost Blogging

#2. Blogging

Now you have a foundation worth buiding on, how do you push your content out to the world? You can become an authority in your field by publishing a business blog. This tactic is guaranteed to raise your search ranking significantly over time, if done well.

It’s avery simple concept; be relevant. Every post you publish on topics that support your core message, linking to relevant resources, that reference relevant material, build your credibiltiy, and in turn your Search rank.

Digital Marketing Sydney - Electronic Direct Mail

#3. HTML Email

Email doesn’t seem sexy like Social Media does it? And it suffers a reputation of being passé, but If you have just one bullet left in your gun to sell something, then email should be that bullet. Email is effective because it’s permission based. According to “a minuscule percentage of customers connect and purchase via Facebook or Twitter, but people check email all the time, especially on mobile devices”.

Digital Marketing Sydney - Explainer Videos

#4. Explainer Video

Explainer Videos have rocketed in popularity in the last couple of years. Apart from releasing viewers of the task of reading, they offer businesses a real opportunity to engage with their customers in a short time frame. A welcome addition to the marketers arsenal.