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As consumers we expect immediate gratification through our digital devices from desktop to smartphone. As business owners we all have to rise to this challenge. We help businesses to deliver by keeping focus on three, high scoring fundamentals.

#1 WordPress

Whether you need a personal blog or full blown business website that excels straight out of the box, the solution is WordPress.

With a focus on good security and strong search engine visibility, a well structured WordPress site will drive your success online.

Step one in any digital marketing strategy is to create a solid base through which to deliver your message and support your marketing campaigns.

WordPress makes it easy to measure results and refine your response. It’s one of the most powerful tools in your digital arsenal.

After years in the web development business, MOOV now specialises in WordPress exclusively. Why use anything else?

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#2 Blogging

Q: So now you have a foundation worth building on thanks to WordPress, how can you pull lots of valid visits in to your site and deliver your message?

A: Become an authoritative voice in your field by publishing a business blog.

The idea is that when you post regularly on topics that support your core business message, and you include cross referencing internal and external links to other relevant articles, you build your credibility, and in turn boost your search ranking.

If you don’t know what to write, we can do it for you. Provide us with some reference and we’ll dig out topics for you. We’ll then write posts to your schedule and publish them on your behalf! Could it be easier?

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#3 HTML Email

Email doesn’t seem sexy like Social Media does it? It suffers a reputation of being passé, but If you have just one bullet left in your gun to sell something, then email should be that bullet.

Email is effective because it’s permission based.

According to “a minuscule percentage of customers connect and purchase via Facebook or Twitter, but people check email all the time, especially on mobile devices”.

MOOV can design and code HTML email templates for you. We test to ensure that your email delivers seamlessly on every device possible. We even arrange the mailout, providing stats and feedback on the results.

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