The Direct Marketing Association, year after year, recommends Electronic Direct Mail as the highest ROI marketing you can do — online or off.

Instead of shouting out to the crowd via social media or blogging for online marketing, Electronic Direct Mail is still the only channel that talks ‘directly’ to your ‘opted in’ audience.

Why shout when you can whisper persuasively in the ear of an audience that actually wants to hear from you? Electronic Direct Mail slams other channels when it comes to converting opt in prospects to customers. The degree to which you can measure and refine your campaigns remains unchallenged.

To succeed Electronic Direct Mail demands well crafted templates to ensure consistent delivery across multiple platforms, devices and mail clients.

With so many device and platform combinations to cater to, is there any real way to know whether your campaigns are delivering as intended?

Build your campaign with a MOOV template and there’s one less thing to worry about. Our testing is rigorous. We go the extra mile to ensure consistent delivery. Whether your Electronic Direct Mail is received on an iPhone, Outlook on Desktop PC or Gmail on an Android TV you can be confident that it is going to deliver as intended.

Our Templates are hand crafted and exhaustively tested. They will help bring dependability to your Electronic Direct Mail campaigns.

We’ve sent off too many EDM off to possibly conjure up a number for you. In the process we’ve learned most of the key pitfalls in designing and coding for Electronic Direct Mail. It’s not as easy as it might look.

Unfortunately the vast majority of the recipients of your highly creative campaign will not be on an Apple or using the amazingly forgiving Apple Mail. It’s a tough audience out there with Outlook dominating the landscape amongst any many others. MOOV custom templates can level the playing field for you.